Easter Designs

Hope Crowned

Donna Lewis from Seneca Community Church in Romulus, NY brings us these crosses and “hope” sign.

They got the idea for the Large H-O-P-E letters and crown from Thorns and Hope.

They bought a 4×8 sheet of one-inch insulation board (green). They cut out the 4-foot tall letters and left the color green. The circle which was the crown was from a thicker piece of styrofoam that they had on hand. They cut chunks out of the upper and lower portions of the circle to rough it up a bit, spray painted it black and stuck in real thorns from a tree. It was hung with fishline from eye bolts which held the wire for the cloth panels. They put green and lavender cloth along the baseboard of the floor to give the design a hefty foundation. Can lights illuminated 3 of the 4 letters.

The crosses were cut from fallen ash trees; notched and bolted together in the back with lag bolts. The tallest was very heavy to handle so they cut wood off the back to make it lighter. The 2 outer crosses are secured with twine to the handrail and an electric plate. The main cross leaned on the wall in the corner. They put pieces of swim noodles (on points of contact) on the back of the crosses to protect the wall from scratches. A single can light illuminated the wall behind.

The purple drape and purple cloth at the base of each cross and the purple panels hanging from the oblong poster, “Hope”, were all from a king-size bed sheet set. They had extra white cloth from their original cloth panels so they put it on the baseboard behind the main cross to give it a border connecting the wall and floor.

The piano was draped with a lavender shawl and narrower light brown scarf. The word H-O-P-E on the piano was made from individual mirror letters (from Real Deals costing $1 each) on a rectangle piece of plexiglass which they had on hand.

Total cost (excluding the cloth panels) was $42.

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