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Good Tri

Angie Theresia from Domus Cordis Community (part of Indonesian Catholic Church) in Jakarta, Indonesia brings us this awesome conference look.

The stage itself was inspired by triangle wall by Chris Monson, Faith Chapel.

The construction was from multiplex and white Coroplast. The triangles were made from 6mm multiplex, spray painted white matte. They also used a wire mesh to make the word “revealed” with each letter containing 22 layers of 2×2 cm wire mesh, also painted white to reflect the lighting.

At the edge of the triangle wall, they also added a WS 8201 LED strip light constructed in a chevron made from multiplex.

They also used a lot of volunteers, which made the process more enjoyable and less expensive.

Overall the budget for all the stage, lighting, and projector cost them around $5200 USD.

stage-XN-2 stage-XN-cetar working-process XN-gif000 XN-gif055 XN-gif073 XN-gif132

Chiseled Mountains Strips Falling

2 responses to “Good Tri”

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    When it says they used “Multiplex” that means plywood right?

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