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Psalm Prints

Carolina Hatton from Calvary Chapel of Delaware County in Chadds Ford, PA brings us this awesome set design for a series on Psalms.

Their Director of Communications, Laura Briggs, took amazing pictures of Carolina’s husband’s family Bible from 1807. They focused on the book of Psalms and they displayed them on a styrofoam wall made for this (10’ high by 40’ long ) using diluted white glue. They completed the set with exposed Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling and floor lamps as well.

Slats and Tapes Stacked Bars

4 responses to “Psalm Prints”

  1. Love the warm atmosphere created by the lamps and paper combination.

  2. Justin Zachman says:

    Where did you purchase the bulbs that are hanging rom the ceiling?

  3. Helena says:

    Could you tell me where I can get the photographs of Laura Briggs? Blessings.

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