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Goodness Pixels

Kaleb Wilcox from Willow Creek Community Church, North Shore in Northfield, IL brings us these great towers of panels and pixelated words.

This design is from their Celebration of Hope series, where they look at how the Church is ministering globally through compassion and justice initiatives. The frames were 16-inch aluminum wall stud panels ranging from 8 feet tall to 20 feet tall. (The frames that were behind the IMAG screes were actually 20 feet high, the tops were just hidden.) They hot glued 19-inch squares of Coroplast to the frames in a random order and hung the frames from their catwalk with aircraft cable. The panels were lit with Chauvet Colorado 1 LED pars. The LED wall along the upstage wall was used for environmental backgrounds, as well as text for special elements. Backlighting came from 6 Robe LED Wash 136 LT moving heads and 7 Elation 250 Design Washes, along with 5 Mac 250s on the floor.

Photo Credit: Matt Drury







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4 responses to “Goodness Pixels”

  1. Steve Bonesz says:

    Awesome look for what looks like minimal time and expense. I am always amazed at how these stage designs transform when hit with the right lighting! This stage design reminds me of large computer screen pixels or maybe a super big game of Tetris.

  2. Steven Shaddox says:

    Hey there, we are looking at doing a similar design at our church, but were wondering if you would recommend using “White Coroplast” squares or using “Opaque White” squares. The place I’ve found them has both and they are 18″X24″. Let me know which you would recommend that would light the best! Also, can you tell me how many LED lights you are using per panel or is it just a single LED per panel? Thanks and great job on the design!

  3. Kaleb Wilcox says:

    @Steven We were using two Colorado 1 fixtures for the 4 tallest panels, side by side on the ground and 1 Colorado 1 for the two shorter panels, because the beam spread could cover them at that height. It all depends on your fixture beam angle, how wide your set piece is, and how far the light is from the panel.

  4. Brandon says:

    How did you guys design the words “hope” and “goodness”? Is it coroplast lit from behind a screen?

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