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Green Light

Lisa Bodkin from New Hope Church in New Hope, MN brings us this traffic-loving stage design for their student ministries.

Their series was called Green Means Go. They didn’t have a huge budget, so they combined purchases from Home Depot, Target, and a store called Ax -Man where they got their supplies.

They created a crosswalk by using old black flooring. They painted white striped panels to make the stage look like a crosswalk. The panels on the back wall were made by using black ground cover fabric and painted with silver paint using a wide wall paper brush.

The green circular lights were from Ax-Man. They were old traffic light covers and they used string lights to light them up. Then they used Chauvet Colorstrips to light the ground cover fabric. They spent about $150.

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4 responses to “Green Light”

  1. Amy Dunn says:

    This looks so awesome – nice work!!
    Can you explain the type of fabric a little more, that you used?

  2. Sarah says:

    Would regular can lights have a similar effect when lighting the ground cover?

  3. Brian Moore says:

    You can get a similar effect by using shiny, aluminum window screen for the blue and green panes.

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