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Softer Towers

Daniel Reehoff from DaySpring Baptist in Waukesha, WI brings us these low cost light towers.

They’d seen many made with Coroplast, but the lights used to light the towers were a little beyond their financial reach. They’re a “portable church”, so their design had to be easily set up and taken down on Sundays.

They started with 2×2 lumber and built simple boxes that were 16″ x 16″ x 8′ tall. Then they wrapped them with a transclucent material they purchased at a fabric shop (cheese cloth). They decorated the towers with gold ribbon and some decorative leaves. For lighting they used simple and cheap Accent Lights they bought at Menards for $7. They covered the lights with gels to provide the colors they wanted. Total cost for 11 towers was $50 + $77 for 11 lights.

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One response to “Softer Towers”

  1. Kevin says:

    Did you know that PEVA (not EVA) Frosted White Shower curtains (Heavy Duty) work GREAT for disbursing light. You have to get the heavy duty ones because they are thicker. They are cheap ($10-$12) and you can pick them up at Walmart. I have actually used them to make screens for projecting and may be using them to create box lights… of course, only use LED lighting as the heat from ordinary lamps may be too hot.

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