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His Hands Worship Media

I want to introduce you to one of our sponsors today. It’s His Hands Worship Media. They’re a new motion graphics company that generously supports ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com.

I had the chance to meet them at WFX conference in Atlanta a couple months ago. I was intrigued when I heard their heart behind the motion graphics they create. They want to create motion graphics and countdowns that also appeal to men – something like you might see on ESPN. They aren’t just striving to create pretty visuals.

They feel as though men are sometimes the hardest people to get engaged at the church. If you can give them something they’re used to seeing while watching football, you have an easier chance of keeping them engaged.

So I encourage you to check out their catalogue. These are a few of their featured products (with a few of my favorites snuck in there too).





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