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Grids and Lines

Chuck Osborne and Dave Jackson from Dayspring Wesleyan Church in Marion, OH bring us this cool design.

They made three frames on rollers that could be changed anytime they wanted, so they could easily take the background out for weddings. Then they cut out rectangles from both foam boards and corrugated plastic (8×4 sheets). From there they took ceiling grid and strewed it into their frame at angles. They put black duct tape on the grids. From there they placed the foam board and corrugated plastic in every other grid. Once they were in, they took velcro and placed it on the back side of the grid. Then they took LED rgb ribbon lights and put the other piece of velcro on it to hold it to the ceiling grid. The black pieces of foam board were cut into 6 inch width (except for the middle which was cut into 2 foot width) and then the angles at the end where cut later. The corrugated plastic was cut into 12 inch width.

The middle piece was 2 pieces of 8×4 pieces of black foam board. They traced out their lettering and then cut it out with exacto knives. They placed a full 8×4 foot corrugated plastic piece behind the foam board and then hung the lights again on ceiling grids behind it.

Each frame had a platform on the back supply stability and so that they could make them self-sufficent with the lights. The DMX controllers were put on the platforms behind it.

The Jesus picture was taken from Tim Logan’s design. They used foam board with velcro to hold the pictures and had them printed on white paper at Office Depot. They had them put the picture in a publisher program and the tile it. Their image was 16 foot by 16 foot. They raised it during a song by using velcro again to attach the foam board pieces that where each 4 foot by 4 foot. The velcro allowed the picture to fold up on itself and then be raised by ropes from behind the back drop.











Borderlands Wood Screen

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