Special Event Design


Rich Probert from Horizons Community Church in Ham Lake, MN brings us this weird stage design.

The set consisted of Colorplast, display grids (gridwall), zip ties, aircraft cable, and few sheets of MDF boards.

They started this set by borrowing some display grids from a team member. The main weight of the structure was evenly spread out over the length of it then they built the rest of it as it hung. They used heavy zip ties to connect it together. The two side towers were created to keep it from moving and to add additional support.

In the middle of the display they hung two 4×8 sheets of Colorplast. Then they projected onto it!

The letters were cut out by a team member who had access to a large format router. They created the size and sent him the vector file for the letters. To attach the letters they purchased some garage hangers at Lowe’s.

$igns Through the Trees

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