Stage Designs

Make Your Own Jumbotron

AJ Parker from Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA brings us his take on a home-made, three screen jumbotron

They pulled this together using 3 ultra short throw projectors (Hitatchi CP-200’s I believe) that they hung upside down on the backside of their “jumbotron”. Each of the 3 screens were 7.5×10′ suspended with rigging from above.

The bits of art behind the band came from 3 different sets in the past. The two grunge panels on the outside of the background were 12’x4′ panels that were painted black, then splatter and brushed with white. They were lit from the top and bottom with Color Rails. The very middle was a simple wood frame wrapped in white nylon fabric, grunged up with black paint and lit from the top and bottom on the inside with Rain 64 LEDs. The 6 squares were 4’x4′ frames of 2″x2″ wood with all kinds of random supports that made up the middle of each one. The white nylon fabric was stretched tight and stapled on the back side. All six were front lit with Rain 64 LEDs.

All of those pieces were supported by a 25′ wide 2×4 support system they had laying around from another old set as well.

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