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Half Trees

Tony Ambrose from O’Fallon Assembly of God in O’Fallon, IL brings us this simple stage design.

From Tony: This stage design was actually inspired by Patterns in Yarn, though it ended up pretty different than that one.

I wanted to use the frames to highlight some Christmas tree ideas, while also working the theme of our big production service (Behold) in. I decided to create “half-trees” using the same basic concept as the strings, but that pointed towards the center.

One of our men built the right triangle frames, 3′ wide by 6′ tall, out of 2X2s, and painted them black. Once the frames were ready, I simply added the white duct tape. I put the longest piece on first, then put 6″ of space before the next piece. I measured the 6″ and made a small pencil mark on both the bottom and the side piece before applying the tape.

In order to raise the visual, we put them on top of some black boxes (approximately 18″ high) that we already had.

My original plan was to do screws and yarn, but I decided to try white duct tape (mostly to save time) and ended up liking it a lot. I did end up having to staple the tape at the ends, because it wasn’t holding tightly to the wood.

The trees are lit from below by 1 Chauvet ColorBand PiX for each tree, so we can control the color of each tree individually.

We already had the lights and some of the wood, so all we spent was less $20 on wood, and around $12 on two roles of tape (though it only took one).








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