Stage Designs

Patterns in the Yarn

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this very cool use of patterned yarn.

This design was for their annual fall women’s retreat (2012). They needed something quick and inexpensive.

They didn’t plan the designs until they started stringing them up. The frame sizes were 3’x8′ with 6 total – with a center screen hung in the center.

Build steps:

  • Build frames.
  • Use a Sharpie marker and a single row of peg board as a template. Markings were made on the front of the frames for even spacing – top, bottom, and sides.
  • 1-1/4″ screws, screwed into markings from template exposing about half of the screw.
  • Eye hooks attached for hanging.
  • Paint black.
  • String up.

They required about 15 man hours and cost about $125. Yarn was Red Heart Super Saver (about $3/ each).


  • Apply medium tension to yarn so that when it stretches it holds its shape.
  • Apply additional bracing to middle if you want to keep the square shape or move to thinner wood if you prefer an hourglass shape. Because of the number of strands, tension builds up on the wood and it bows inward.

Tangled Midsummer Night's Porch