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Handy Tree

Micah and Laura Reed from Christian Life Fellowship in Mayville, WI brings us this tree of helping hands.

They are doing a capital campaign called Extraordinary Acts. They replicated their campaign logo which is a tree where the leaves are hands. It represents everyone working together. They made the tree out of wood, chicken wire, skim cloth, insulation spray foam, paint, and Coroplast. For the trunk, they did a wood frame covered in chicken wire and then the skim. After that, they sprayed it with professional spray foam you can get at Menards in huge gallons. You must wear a lot of protective gear and special mask. Then they used a paint sprayer to paint the tree multiple shades of brown. They got this trunk idea from other designs on the site. Then they used chicken wire to bend and mold a frame for the “leaves” or hands. They cut the hands out with a jigsaw from 8 ft sheets of Coroplast. Then they weaved the hands in the chicken wire and used hot glue. The tree was over 20 ft tall. Then they cut out their wording for the campaign from white Coroplast.

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  1. Aaron Roehm says:

    That trunk looks amazing. Great work.

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