Stage Designs

Cross=Love Risers

Craig McConnell from UTbelfast Church in Belfast, N. Ireland brings us these lit risers.

Their latest stage design, built for their Imagine Conference, was based on an idea Craig saw from Crossroads Church at the beginning of the year.

Stewart, a member of their church, built the riser frames out of timber. Then they painted them and assembled them on stage. They cut and stapled sheets of 3mm translucent Coroplast into the spaces and used 2x LEDJ Pro RGB Spectra Batten in each to light them. They added power sockets (with USB ports) to allow the musicians to plug iPads and instruments in without trailing lots of cables. The last step was to stick carpet tiles on the risers and then they were done.

The center riser was 0.5m tall and 2.5m x 2.5m.

The two sides were identical and were 0.4m tall and 2.1m x 2.4m.

The total cost for this was around £500.

They already had the LEDJ Pro RGB Spectra Battens and the carpet tiles. A local plastics manufacturer was able to get them the sheets of Coroplast for £4 each (they needed 6 in total).

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