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Lattice Map

Fair Haven Celebration Arts Team from Fair Haven Church in Hudsonville, MI brings us this wordwide map on their stage.

Inspired by Light the World and Mr. Worldwide but challenged by needing to go bigger for the space and not having a back wall to mount the design on to the team looked for light weight products.

After some thought and a few trips to the hardware store for ideas and options of materials, it was decided to use 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ sheets of Expanded Polystyrene Foam Insulation and 4′ x 8′ Standard Treated Lattice for creating and supporting the map for hanging.

The team taped to a wall two wide and three high of the sheets (photo #1 drawing) and projected world map image found on google (photo #2 projection) tracing the shapes just larger than the image giving space for cutting inside the lines. Cutting was done with hot knife and a wood burning tool. (photo #3 cutting)

Lattice was painted black and joined together with zip ties and zip tied to conduit. Map was placed onto the lattice and attached with heavy duty Velcro. Then attached to the churches light bar with airplane wire. (photo #4 hanging)


  • Foam Insulation: $5.79 a sheet
  • Lattice: $14 a sheet
  • Velcro, zip ties other miscellaneous items less than $40
  • (paint and paint supplies left over from another project)

Total cost for this project less than $200.

1-drawing 2-projection 3-cutting 4-hanging 5-empty-room 6-sunday-morning

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3 responses to “Lattice Map”

  1. Nathan Durnan says:

    Where did you get the plain white foam boards? The only stuff I can find locally has foil laminated on one side, and printing and a moisture-resistant barrier membrane on the other.

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