Stage Designs

Hanging Bricks

Eric Crews from Courthouse Road Church in North Chesterfield, VA brings us this simple use of faux brick walls.

Their pastor was doing a series on Daniel. They wanted to mimic the Ishtar Gate with its blue bricks. They took 4×8 faux brick panels from Home Depot that are red in color. They attached them to a 1×1 wood frame to give them some rigidity and to make it easier to hang. Using white paint and a big sponge, they white-washed the faux brink to hide the red but not lose all the texture. Using big heavy chains to hang the panels helped imply weight.

This was their first uses of colored lighting for stage design. They got Warmoon RGB LED flood lights on special from Amazon. They used the lights to make the wall panels appear blue. They also installed dimmer switches on rooms lights to lower the overall light in the room making the wall color stand out.

They used the Church Motion Graphics template Daniel Live Boldly and just changed it to blue in Photoshop.

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