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Looking for Coaching or Custom Stage Design? (Plus a Free Resource)

One of the biggest questions I get from readers of CSDI is this: I’m looking for someone to design a stage for me. Who do you recommend?

We’ve got some great designers contributing to the site, but I want to point out one in particular who just became available for stage design coaching and custom design. Angela Yee.

She has tons of experience with graphic and stage design, especially in churches. She’s worked with Saddleback Church, local medium-sized churches, and even mobile churches. Her goal with all of her designs is to create settings where people can connect with and experience God.

You’ve seen many of her designs on this site:


For those who have already started in designing worship spaces but want to improve their skills, Angela coaches people personally or can serve as a consultant for part of the project (for example, if people want to learn more about implementing lighting). Click here for more info on coaching.

Custom Design

Those who prefer someone to just handle the whole design process can sign up for a custom stage design. This includes delivery of schematic plans, material lists, and a simplified lighting plan. Typical stage designs cost $1500 and up and take a few weeks to complete. At the end, the church will have documentation, diagrams, and instructions to implement the design at their site. Click here for more info on custom design.

Free Resource

Angela has also created a resource for churches called “Worship Spaces That WOW! How to Avoid the Top 10 Stage Design Mistakes.” Download it for free here.

Light Fingers Hanging Bricks

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