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Travis Gray from The House Modesto in Modesto, CA brings us this Halloween stage design.

They built a house from a previous year and have been adding on to the set ever since. The house was built onto a rolling platform so that it is easily movable. By using the white fences it gave them a sense of a yard outside of the house.

Rented some hay from a local farm to add to the fall look.

The graveyard was made out of Styrofoam graves. The big graves in the back were made from styrofoam, while the little ones were bought at a local halloween store. They used moss and netting found at a local craft store to add to the floor of the graveyard. They added two painted white trees with some metal fencing in the back to give it another layer of depth. The barn was new to this year. Total cost to build was about $350. They added a cheap old fixture above the door with a short circuit light bulb to give them a flickering effect. They stained the trim with some random wood stain they had.

The house was lit using S4 fixtures and some moonlight color gels and gobos. They found spooky gobos at Apollo and purchased 6 for $10 a piece. It added an element to the room they’ve never really had before. They also created a star look around the room with some disco balls that they had.










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8 responses to “Haunted”

  1. Rick says:

    So how is it that Travis Grey gets credit for a design he didn’t create or build originally for the House? The same design was used prior there 1-2 years running. Not cool.

  2. Bianca says:

    Wait the barn was used 6 yrs ago, and the same design was used 2 yrs ago by their designer Desiree Carrillo, it looks like someone is trying to get credit for something they did not design. Not good!

  3. Dan says:

    Wow! Unbelievable that a man of God would take credit for a design that he did not create. Adding or taking away from a design that someone else created does qualify you as a designer. Shameful.

  4. Chelsy says:

    Travis Gray and a team of volunteers from our church built that barn this year. The house that’s been used the last year? He built that too. Everything on that stage he built and designed. He also redesigned the lights, on stage and off.

    NUMEROUS stage designers have repurposed the skeletons and tombstones throughout the years. Even those mentioned above. Be careful before you shame a man you don’t even know, nor have any understanding of his design capabilities.

  5. Ricky says:

    Chelsy, as a former volunteer for The House Modesto, I can vouch for that design being used many years before today.

    You have to also remember that there many images taken over the years here of the different sets. This applies to all the holiday events that were created there prior to Travis taking over the design group.

    It’s one thing to repurpose a design created by someone else for The House and resuse it. Thats expected as part of any design built for the church while working there. Its a different story to take credit for other professionals work as your own. That’s my main issue here.

    I look forward to attending future events at The House and seeing what else will get reused and claimed as their own.

  6. Keith says:

    I’m struggling a bit with the whole Halloween theme.

  7. Daniel says:

    Why would any church put skeletons and graves in Gods house? I dont see the point, can someone explain? maybe im missing something?

  8. victor rodriguez says:

    God bless everybody.
    I am agree with Daniel why put Halloween in Gods house
    Instead why don’t we celebrate reform day
    and make decoration for that day maybe this year

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