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Jon Carr, Jeremiah Spencer, and Kasey Massey from Thomasville First Baptist in Thomasville, GA brings us this cool lightbulb setup.

From the team: The theme for our DNow was undivided and the logo was a heart. We wanted to incorporate the logo into the stage design. So we scaled the heart up to the size we wanted in order to fill the stage, which ended up being about 14 feet tall. We used 1x8s.

We used a template to space and drill the holes, stained the front with espresso stain, added standard sockets, and wired the back. We went with Edison bulbs for a vintage look and more of a warm, amber hue.

We suspended the heart from preexisting truss using black para cord. Each board was on its own dmx channel (using dimmer packs we already had) so we could program chase sequences, etc.

The towers were actually a clip art image in Apple Pages. We showed the image to a carpenter in the church and he built them to match. The tall towers were 16 ft and came apart in the middle for easy storage and transport before the event. The shorter towers were 8 ft.

We stained the towers to match the heart and bolted a BX light to the top of each.

The whole design cost about $1,500 for the lumber, sockets, Edison bulbs, wiring, extra dmx cables, and connectors.

Ripple and Letter Rubber Glove Wall

2 responses to “Heartbulb”

  1. Jon Carr says:

    Here’s a link to see this set live…

  2. Compaixão says:

    Our church name has compassion in it so the heart fits

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