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Eric Barz from Mt. Pleasant Community Church in Mt. Pleasant, MI brings us this hexagon-filled stage design.

They wanted to do something large scale for their Spring season starting with Easter. They saw several hexagon themed designs on CSDI that piqued their interest. They plotted a design out that would allow for the large scale hexagons to form a grid that would take light well. The final design was hexagons that had a 2′ radius.

Their initial plan was to use 1″ pink foam and keep the hexagons uniform, but on further thought they wanted to add some dimensionality so they used 2″ foam to create three different “looks” for the panels. They kept 1/3 of the panels flat with only the 1″ foam, added a 2″ thick foam accent in the middle of 1/3 and added a 6″ border around the exterior of 1/3 of the panels. They created a jig for the outline of the hexagons, the 6″ accent and the interior accent from luan and then traced them on to the foam panels. They used knife edge jigsaw blades to cut the foam.

They built a frame to hold the hexagons from five 2×6″ upright supports, mounted to the back side their stage and then used 1×4″ diagonals to create most of the actual mounting points for the hexagon panels.

They painted the foam panels in three different colors, white, light grey, and a charcoal color to allow for some visual variety when the lights were on as well as having a good aesthetic if there was no lighting. They mounted the foam to the frame with coarse drywall screws doing their best to “randomize” the different panel looks.

The hexagon grid was lit from the stage deck with a combination of Elation Opti Quad Pars and a few American DJ Thin Pars which they already owned.

Total cost of materials was about $720 with most of the cost going to foam panels and lumber.











Angled Chevron Flag Lines

3 responses to “Hexabuttons”

  1. Nice! It looks really good! We’re just North of you in Alpena ( How big is your sanctuary?

  2. Jason Lefler says:

    What are the dimensions of the hexagons?

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