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Wrapped in Ceiling

Andrew Hunt from Blue Ridge Community Church in Forest, VA brings us this awesome use of ceiling tiles.

From Andrew: For this design, we had the idea of hanging a drop ceiling grid vertically and using translucent ceiling tiles. One of our team members, Andy Coleman, found several ideas at for tiles we could possibly use.

We settled on this particular tile:

We purchased 210 of these tiles for a total of $1483.92 after shipping. The next step was the ceiling grid. We found a local supplier of black ceiling tile grid and I cannot find my original invoice on that one to share the total cost..but I think it was around $500 or so.

In order to suspend the track, we decided on using black tie wire…which can be found here:

Our main challenge of hanging the ceiling vertically was keeping the tiles in place. So, to achieve this we used 1/2″ binder clips that we clipped to the back of the grid and then flipped the tabs back toward the ceiling tiles. They can be found here:

Since the tiles are translucent, we lit the design from the back mostly, with some supplementary lighting from the front top. So that our portable campus matches our other campus, we created some portable versions of these panels that they could lean up against the walls in their auditorium but then they stacked on top of one another behind a door during the week. (That campus meets in a school gymnasium.) I’ll attach some photos of that as well. They are constructed basically the same way.

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3 responses to “Wrapped in Ceiling”

  1. Sam says:

    Love this design! What did you use for the back lighting?

  2. Jerry Matthews says:

    We are attempting to build this but the clips you recommended do not even reach the tiles when they are folded around. We have been working on this for 4 days now and have no idea how to get the tiles to stay in

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