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Hi Ho Slivers

David Shepherd from Life Community brings us these slivers of Coroplast turned into a curtain.

They used Coroplast sheets they had left over from previous designs and cut them into small strips – approximately 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. They drilled holes near the ends and fed the strips onto fishing line. Then they spread them out to leave a 4 to 5 inch gap between and secured them with a dot of hot glue where the line passed through each sheet. They made approximately 55 strands. Then they flew these by simply attaching each strand to one of their fly bars using duct tape. Then they raised the bar out of view.

Then they lit the “wall” with three LED Pars from each wing. They added small fans blowing in from both wings to keep the motion going and make the stage look alive. Check out the video to see the effect.

Patched Cirque du Tissu

3 responses to “Hi Ho Slivers”

  1. Nolan says:

    Can you post close up pictures on how you constructed them ?

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