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Adam Neal from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC brings us another great take on Third World Shelter.

Stage materials included:

  1. Corrugated sheets of tin – Home Depot and Lowes, about $12/sheet. The tin was too shiny, so they used watered down gray primer and a cheap mop to paint the tin and remove the shine.
  2. Bamboo blinds – ordered from Home Depot. Heavy and kind of expensive. These were 4′ wide x 8′ long.
  3. Bamboo poles – ordered from Home Depot. 50 poles for about $80. These were 6′ long.
  4. Crates – He found those locally for $5 each.
  5. Wood/fence – They had a lot of wood left over from previous designs. Tip: The lighter the better, especially when hanging wood. They also used a pre-made fence from Home Depot for the smaller sections.

They also made four cut-outs for their screen. Throughout the series they put moving backgrounds or still images in the spots.

Lessons learned:

  1. Working with tin is dangerous. Use caution!
  2. Doing construction around a very expensive screen is scary. Be careful.
  3. A design like this doesn’t call for much lighting, which is good for people with minimal lighting options.

Total cost was around $1300.

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  1. Luix says:

    Wow!!!! Awesome….

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