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Hidden Candle Holds

Drew Tankersley from Crosspointe Church in Ringgold, GA brings us these pallet towers with shelves for candles.

They were able to secure some pallets from a contact at FedEx and began built the frames for all of the walls with pallets. They broke up some pieces at different widths and nailed them to the frame using a finish nailer. They built the shelves by setting in plywood between the pallets and nailed them to the pallets. They used existing lighting fixtures from a previous set. Then they screwed the cross to the frame and set it off by placing spacers in the middle of the cross on the backside. They purchased some LED rope lighting and lined the back of the cross to set it off.

Manpower: 10 dedicated volunteers.
Time: less than 24 hours.
Cost: less than $100.





Wavy Walls Strings from Palms

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