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Strings from Palms

Lisa Rogers from Corner Point Church (previously Godley Assembly) in Godley, Texas brings us these painted palms with streams of strings coming from them.

They painted palm prints directly on the wall using a mixture of red tempera paint and acrylic craft paint. Then they screwed in a small cup hook in the center of each hand and painted that black.

They strung white yarn back and forth from the hook to the ceiling and wall (they just stapled directly to the ceiling and wall as they went). Then they lit the yarn.

They staggered the yarn from about an inch from the back wall to about 6 ft out to give depth to the rays. The hardest part was matching the second set to the first since they had done a random type pattern.

They draped their cross in purple material they already had.

They got the idea for the strings from Beams of Strings.

Supply list:

  • 2 skeins of white Redheart Super Saver yarn
  • 1 bottle Red Tempera Paint
  • 1 bottle red craft acrylic paint
  • 2 small cup hooks
  • A tiny bit of flat black paint to paint the hooks and cover our drips

The project cost under $15.



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