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Rohan Satyavrata from The Assembly of God Church, Kolkata in Kolkata, West Bengal, India brings us this neon graffiti stage design.

For the UV light graffiti boards, they used plywood and painted them white. On top of that, they used UV light paint to write and draw graffiti based on their theme “ONE”. They used UV lights to make the paint glow.

The wooden panels were hung up using steel wire and attached to a steel pole that was hung on a beam that is part of the church structure. In addition to this, they had a few LED par lights and Par 64 lights to light up the rest of the stage.







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3 responses to “Neone”

  1. Art Teacher says:

    great idea! has good youth appeal! love neon…..i will definitely try this. I’m sixty and old school…..i suv paint the same as fluorescent paint?

  2. Danny Sena says:

    How did you guys make the “One” sign?

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