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Tetris’ Construction Site

Thanks to Brian Davis for sharing this stage design on his blog. His team and he built this stage design using PVC pipes (for the ladder looking things), Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic) and greenhouse roofing materials. The materials cost him about $600.

The PVC pipes were painted with metallic paint and hung with small black chains. The corrugated plastic was hung with heavy fishing line. You can then see the wavy roofing sheets hung. All of this arranged plus lighting with some nice gobos and color combinations created a nice little stage design. Check out Brian’s blog at:

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3 responses to “Tetris’ Construction Site”

  1. Jill V says:

    Nice….love the lighting options!

  2. Beverly Biggs says:

    Love your set. Lighting is terrific. I would love to have your specs. On ladders & coroplast pieces.

  3. Dkhon Lon Khoubg says:

    Stage design is so nice. And Very simple but that is mordenise .I like it.

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