Special Event Design

Stained Glass Fairy Tale

Jennifer Tribble from Victory Church of Lethbridge in Lethbridge Ab, Canada brings us this fairy tale stage design.

This was a challenging endeavor. They were trying to recreate the idea of a pop up book. It took over 60 hours and over 30 volunteers to make this happen.

They rebuilt the carriage twice—once from piping but it wouldnt stay stable. So they tore it down and rebuilt it with a wooden base and center, and put the piping and cardboard around it. The supplies they bought were minimal. They bought the tubing, brown paper roll from Michaels, and projected the image of the font onto the paper that they covered all the props in. The side wall images were recycled Coroplast they plaint black. They had a calligrapher in their church do the writing which they projected onto the Coroplast, traced, and filled in with paint.

The people cutouts were also projected on cardboard. Then they built wood stands to stand them up. They covered them in the paper. They spent under $300 on the whole set.

Finally, they projected on their back wall the intricate pattern—coming from Stained Paper Panels. This gave them the backdrop for the whole set.







Floating ? Colored Tangles

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