Stage Designs

Stage Floor Swag

Nate Rosso from Decibel Church in Beaufort, SC brings us this interesting idea to provide color/texture to your stage floor.

A lot of church stages Nate’s seen are black. It hides cord/lights/anything on stage well, whereas anything white stand out like a sore thumb. But he wanted to have something different, a pattern that would stand out and pull in the color for the lights, as well as something not permanent. So he bought some non-adhesive white shelf liner. The shelf liner creates a non slip surface, it will grip the stage, people can walk on it, and when it gets real dirty you can wash it. Nate purchased 2 -24ftx20in and cut them in half to make 4 strips, laid them to the pattern he wanted, and black gaff taped the ends.







Mountain Lines Softened