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Hope Leans

Jerry Elliott from Harvest Fellowship of Albuquerque, NM brings us these nice 3d letters for Christmas.

They got the HOPE letters laser cut from styrofoam at a local foam marketing company. They were lit by four Chauvet slim par 64’s hanging about 15 ft in front of the stage. The back lighting was four Chauvet colorstrip led wash bars.

The letters were $30 each in the basic Arial font.

Swoop There it Is Transport Beams

5 responses to “Hope Leans”

  1. Patrick Fore says:

    I like the letters, I just wish they were straight. Next time use some foam spray to glue a 2x2ft thin ply to the bottom.

  2. Curtis Lane says:

    Hey what was the name of the foam marketing company? Love the idea!

    • The local company was All Star Foam and Marketing. They mainly specialize in the mouldings and pillars you’d see outside a large commercial building. But they can cut just about anything we could want out of foam.

  3. Ryan Henson says:

    Two questions:
    1. How tall is each letter?
    2. How thick is each letter?

    It looks awesome!

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