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Transport Beams

Michael McColley from Bethel Assembly of God in Interlachen, FL brings us this Christmas design. But what stands out most is the aluminum screening in front of the white wall…looks like a ghostly transportation beam from Star Trek or something.

They created the Star Trek transport beams with 24″ x 84″ wrinkled Window Screen uplit with four Par64 Aurorae LED cans (cost about $65 each).

Finally they hung some red Christmas balls from the ceiling with fishing line.

The bought the trees online from Target for $20 each. They frosted and lit them on their own. Total cost for this year’s Christmas set was about $145 (minus lighting).

Hope Leans Bethlehem Stage Design

7 responses to “Transport Beams”

  1. Mason Hays says:

    Nice job on what looks like a small space! Seems like aluminum screening is what’s up right now.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, When you say small space … you have no idea. It is always a chore to work and design on the small stage. And when I took the pics it did not occur to me to turn on the projector and dim the house lights. Looks much better in our “presentation” lighting. Guess I’ll do a better job of representing the next time I submit.

  2. Rob says:

    Those Aurorae LED par cans are great…they are the cheapest that I’ve found, and they don’t flicker on video at all.

  3. Liza says:

    It looks even more beautiful in person. They did a great job!

  4. Robin says:

    Can you please tell me where you purchased the lights? I can’t find that price anywhere!

    • Mike says:

      Looking at Auroraes site it appears they are way down on stock. Last year when I contacted them said they were phasing out the par 64 size cans and going to the flat style panels. But never saw a large stock and now their site seems empty.

      Search ebay … There seems to be plenty of the same type of led at that price. Ours are basically 180 RGB 1watt lights in a par 64 size can. Simple design. They work well … But their fade transition is harsh. When u change from one led color to another and the change involves removing a whole color from the pallet that color will flash as it shuts down. Ie. go from a red /green mix to a green / blue mix and the red will flash as it fades out. Does this with all 14 lights that we have. Not a deal breaker and it can be worked around … But something to consider when considering cheap LEDs. I have had other cheap brands that had odd behaviors too.

      If I were buying again … I would probably buy a few lights with the RGBA config. Hard to get a good color on people faces with just RGB.

  5. Craig Taylor says:

    Do you have a close up of the actual screen column? Hard to tell from these pics. Thanks.

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