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Mat Crisp from Lifecentre in Ottawa, ON brings us these short, woodsy walls.

Mat got inspired by a few different designs here and around the Internet.

He spend about $300 on materials and with the help of a few great volunteers, they were able to have this up and running in 1.5 days.

To create this they fastened 1×4’s onto some 2×4 frames. With the extra scraps, they put a darker stain on those and fastened them randomly to the walls. The spacing between the boards was a bit bigger than they would have liked (5/8), but it worked out to their advantage. Now they can stick the leftover 1×4 boards in those gaps to act as shelves.

Because they don’t change their entire set very often, they just change out what’s on the walls for each series. Example: February was candles, March was hearts, and April/May will have a bunch of 2′ wooden crosses that will be hung on the walls that are painted white and will bear the names of all those they want to see come to Christ in black Sharpie marker.

Spandex Squares Puzzling

6 responses to “Hurdles”

  1. I’m all about a good triplehead-to-go, ProPresenter, and three projectors. I especially love that they had three WIDESCREEN projections. But, I was kind of surprised that the put their lyrics over their IMAG rather than on the background on the outer screens. Either way works, of course, but I just found it curious. I’m sure the motions do a great job of setting the atmosphere. I really like them. I’m also a big fan of their creative wood staging.

    Impressed all around.

  2. Michael S says:

    I’m one of the LD’s at Lifecentre. We put lyrics over iMag because all content on out centre screen is going direct to our live stream. We dot have a separate video suite… Yet. :-)

  3. Di Hogan says:

    You should see this set in person! It is fabulous! It adds such warmth to the stage.

  4. Bobby B says:

    I love this new stage set up. It’s been a while since I had a chance to visit Lifecenter (the church I grew up in) and I think it looks amazing! Good Job Mat!

  5. Micahn says:

    how are you running your imag and triple head2go? Are you going into ProPresenter??? If so how bad is the delay?

    • Cody says:

      Hey Micahn, at the church I attend we have the same setup and there is no lag. But I do think that words should be on the side screens :)

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