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Taylor Clyde from Summerville Family Worship Center in Summerville, SC brings us this stage design for their youth group.

While looking around their storage room they found some sheets of spare styrofoam. They cut the styrofoam down into the shapes in the pictures, and drilled them into the wall with drywall screws (covered with sheetrock mud). Pretty simple but great job. (It was their first stage design.)

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3 responses to “Puzzling”

  1. Daniel Olanusi says:

    Hi Taylor,
    Nice and cool design you got there in your youth group. Our youth church inside structure looks almost exactly like yours. How much was cost of the design? I’m a novice in stage design, i need help in making our youth church look really like a youth church without breaking the bank. Could you be of any help reaching this goal?I live in New Jersey.Thanks


  2. Taylor Clyde says:

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for your kind words! I’m somewhat new to the whole stage design business too. We made the shapes all from sheets of styrofoam, and that runs about $10 a sheet from our supplier (we don’t have them at our home improvement stores, though I hear some people do).

    I would suggest lighting. I know it’s kinda the magic word around here, but it for real can alter the entire mood of a venue with just a few some adjustments. So maybe you would want to add some elements to your stage that would catch the light and then go from there. A little color can go a long way!

    Good luck,

  3. Max Janusch says:

    Hi, I’m a sixteen year-old worship leader up in the Northwest. I lead for a youth group of about 100-120 students. Our youth room looks similar. Could you possibly email me a photo with how your musicians are placed. I’ve been heavily developing our sound and stage, so I am just looking for more ideas. Thank you.

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