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I Noah Guy

Ken Neff from Christ Central in Lake City, FL brings us this kids stage design for a series about the Great Flood.

This was a design that followed their “Go Fish” series, so they were able to incorporate the two tarps (20x40ft) for the water, the dock for the wooden ramp into the Ark and the trees were just moved to the other side of the stage so the the animals would appear to be coming out of the wilderness.

They used 2×6’s for the framework of the Ark, as it needed to be sturdy enough to hold an amp and band member and a few animals. The Ark was nothing more than recycled wood-grained sheet paneling from another project. They curved to give it some character. The storm clouds, lightning and raindrops were recycled styrofoam board cut out, painted, and hung up by 30lb fishing line. The rainbow and clouds were again recycled foam board painted and hung on the back wall by drywall screws.

The animals were made of a plaster material that was coated in a thin leather-type material and painted. These were bought over 12 years ago for the preschool area and were pulled out of storage and wiped down with a damp rag to bring back the color from the years of dust collecting.

The actual up front cost was just $12. Estimated labor time was 10 hours.

Also note, no animals were harmed in the making of this set.






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One response to “I Noah Guy”

  1. Brandon Cook says:

    Great Job as usual guys! I love that you repurposed so many items. Great work

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