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Toxic Love

Jennifer Tribble from Victory Church of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada brings us this industrial yet beautiful stage design.

This set cost them approximately $300—$100 for the truck found off Kijiji (Canadian Craigslist), $50 for the trailer to move it from the location it was in, $100 for additional props such as the barrels, styrofoam to cut the Biohazard signs, and the roofing panels hanging from the truss.

They had to bring the truck to their church with the axel attached, so it was a challenge to move it. They removed it and it took 9 guys to lift it onto the stage. They put lights in the head lights that they could control, also a light in the grill and a smoke machine so the truck looked like it was smoking.

They cut the barrels and put dimmable lights on controllers in them for a cool added effect.

Check out their Youtube channel for more info and looks of their sets.



IMG_1267 (1)




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One response to “Toxic Love”

  1. Steve Bonesz says:

    Awesome stage design. I love the tunnel image projected on the backdrop. The rusted old truck adds so much to the set, even though I know it must have been a challenge to get it there.

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