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Bricks, Windows, and Bulbs

Mike Santiago from Focus Church in Apex, NC brings us this design for their portable church.

As a portable church, they find it extremely hard sometimes to have the time to make something creative happen for their weekend services—especially in the area of set design. This year for Christmas they tried some things that they knew they could pull off in a short amount of time.

They used old windows, hanging light bulbs, and four Christmas trees to make something happen in less than 2 hours. The Christmas trees where pre-lit from Walmart which they connected to a dimmer pack. The light bulbs where the cheap construction lamps from Lowes ($8 each) simply with the silver reflective cone and the clamp removed (see pic) also connected to a dimmer. All of this against the exposed brick of their venue really brought out a great atmosphere this year.

The total cost for the bulbs and chords where $160 for 16 of them. The trees where $40 each. They did spend some money on extension chords in order to get the bulbs to hang at different links as well. They hung the windows with some twine from a support pole that was halfway up the back wall.





Off the Grid Pallet Bricks

3 responses to “Bricks, Windows, and Bulbs”

  1. Austin Michael O says:

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  2. Austin Michael O says:

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  3. Chris S says:

    Love the design. Looks simple, but effective. What are you folks using for the hanging lights? I am looking for something similar for Christmas this year.

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