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Ice Castle

Andy Brown from St. Marks Lutheran Church in Marion, IA brings us this stage design based on the movie Frozen.

Their Advent series was called Unfrozen based off the movie Frozen. Mostly due to the children’s program which was titled Unfrozen and found online by their children’s ministry director. They actually planned on an entirely different advent series until a week before when their senior pastor decided to switch to the Unfrozen series throughout the church.

Andy was sent a few pictures then that children’s ministry planned on having for a set for the program. His job was to incorporate that into the set for the whole series.

He wasn’t really given a budget at all, so he had to try and keep it on the cheap side. He picked up a bunch of Coroplast and dug into his imagine Christmas files which included graphics of some abstract trees and created all the trees from those. Then he cut a bunch of small strips of plywood to tape on the back and stand them up like an easel. He torched the area of Coroplast and taped too so the tape would stick a bit better after having all the tape come loose and the trees all fell over.

He didn’t have any extra lights around so he ordered 15 cheap Colorpallette LED panels to up light all the trees. He originally planned on having the back wall be environmental projection and then move the wall up to the front of the cave for the kids program, but then found out the entire wall would be blocked by choir risers and kids for probably 60 percent of the kids program. So he switched to the light wall concept which would only be used on Sundays for services. It was made up of 60 fixtures evenly spaced across 4 sheets of plywood.

The big Christmas tree on stage was a requirement to be on stage every year, so he decided to spray paint the tree white to help match the set design for the year and switched to silver and blue ornaments and lights instead of the typical gold and red.

They cut “icicles” out of snow blankets for across the top of the cave and the front of their extended stage. Then he took strands of lights and snow fluff and stapled that to the top edge of the stage so kids wouldn’t walk off it during the program.










Lined Walls Illuminati Trees

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