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I’ll Be Box

Brandon Carr from The River Community Church in Hartland, Michigan brings us this exploding stage design.

This design was inspired by Exploding Boxes.

They took ninety 2X2X2 white cardboard boxes bought from They painted half of them gray and stacked them. And get this. They’re a portable church! So they made them in groups of four so they could easily be removed each week. The 4’s were interlaced with some open lids that they taped to the backs of other boxes to make them stay together. The dimensions: 16′ high, 8′ wide, and 2′ deep.

Truss “busting” through:
They rented a couple 50 lb bases, 6 foot poles, and 4 swivel cheeseboroughs, and mounted it at an angle. They cut “CROSSwords” (series title) out of 2″ foamular insulation and taped it to the front.

They bought 4 new LED Bars (Colorstorm-Blizzard Lighting) to get the smooth gradient on the boxes. Then they used 2 Par 64 LED Cans to wash the truss.

Shark Teeth Ooh Ah Ah Hot Air

5 responses to “I’ll Be Box”

  1. Zack Fink says:

    Awesome look! What is the projector in the bottom picture used for?

  2. Jenifer De Figueiredo says:

    This is fantastic! How many people are on your set design set-up/tear down crew? I love the exploding cubes. What were they hung from? Our church “pops-up” every Sunday too. Impressed with how you made such an impactful set! Well done!

  3. Brandon says:

    That projector was used to project the letters on the foam so we could trace the outlines for the CROSSwords letters to cut them

  4. Brandon says:

    We set this up in about an hour with 2 volunteers devoted only to set pieces.

  5. Tim says:

    Would love to see an additional picture of how you got the boxes to stay together. Not sure I quit understand how you made that work.

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