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Jeff Eastham from Twin Rivers Worship Center’s student ministries brings us their design incorporating many different elements.

They started by hanging paper lanterns around the church. They bought them online. is a great resource. They hung the lanterns with clear fishing line.

They shrunk the size of the room by making their own “wafer walls”. They took large sheets of Coroplast and cut them down to 2×2 squares. They attached them to a pole framework using clips and zip ties.

All their LED lighting cost them around $2000. Each fixture cost about $99.

Umbrella Chandeliers Shark Teeth Ooh Ah Ah

3 responses to “#Stud(ly)Min”

  1. ntizda says:

    how are the coroplast lighted?

    • Jeff says:

      The coroplast “waffer walls” are lit by simply LED lights. They can be used manually or from a dimmer pack. They also have the ability to be sound activiated.

  2. Mallory says:

    What kind of fabric is that?

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