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In Snow and Chains

Emily Bragg from Puyallup Foursquare Church in Puyallup, WA brings us these giant snow flakes and chains of Christmas lights.

The design consisted of brown wire Christmas lights and white quarter-inch foam core board. Both the lights and foam core were purchased from bulk wholesalers: Save-on-crafts and All together the set cost around $650.

The Christmas lights were rewired so that the plug was moved from the end and put in the middle of the wire. When they hung, it created two strands hanging down instead of one. This saved on money, installation time, and required much less power/extension cables in order to power the set.

The snowflakes were designed by an artist that attended the church, and with the help of a projector, the designs were transferred to the foam core and were cut out using an Xacto knife. Afterward they were sprayed with aerosol spray adhesive and dusted with a mixture of gold, white, pink, and iridescent glitter. Cutting and decorating the snowflakes took about 20 hours, put in by various volunteers.

Installing set took one day, about 13 hours total. All of the lights were plugged into DMX, and could be controlled from the lighting board. The snowflakes were hung using 20 lb clear fishing line, and were hung with two strings so that they would not spin.

Textured Christmas Wrapping Horizontals

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  1. Marco Salinas says:

    Looks great. Question, what are the sizes of your snowflake pieces

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