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Josh Craig from St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral in Armidale, New South Wales brings us this beautiful mixture of modern and classical.

For their Christmas services they wanted to created a more modern feel. Some of challenges were the limited time they had to create anything. Also the space is very traditional and they didn’t want to intrude and distract too much from that. The house lights were on lamp posts mounted in the middle aisle which blocked either side of the stage and also the budget was effectively $0. So using the existing projector ( and some borrowed lights, here’s what they came up with.

For the stage lighting, they borrowed some LED string lights. The up lighting on the back wall were two 150w flood lights with red gels. Josh moved some of the existing spot lights on the stage and refocused them as back lights so the center stage would darken.

The centerpiece of the stage was the wooden screen. It could not have been simpler to build. The frame was recycled pallet wood and the surface was packaging they found at the back of a local business (3mm ply). Josh first worked out how big he needed the text to be by measuring the text on the existing screen and then he made a template in ProPresenter 5 with four lines of text and created a mask layer everything around the text. They measured out how big that area was (plus a little extra). Their screen ended up being 3200mm x 900. They then cut out the plywood to size using the pallet wood, scrap ply and gaff to hold it all together. Finally they gave the surface a light coating of matte white paint as they wanted it to be reflective but didn’t want the screen to stand out too much from the wood facade on the back wall. They hung the screen with rope and screws.










Billowy Trees Tanks for the Memories

4 responses to “Traditional Projection”

  1. Adam says:

    Very simple yet elegant and classy. One of my favorite designs to appear on here for quite some time!

  2. Caren Franco says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask what software/ computer apps do you use to project the photos? Im the Leader for my projection & I use openlp but I make every photo, so really I dont know how to use it??
    I just want to know easier ways to proejct and def prettier ways & so forth? If anyone can help? Thankyou Godbless!

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