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In the Darkness, Light

Bryan Ferree from Church at the Cross in Orlando, FL brings us these great fixtures that have both incandescent and LED tape inside.

This was their Christmas stage design that they put up early December. Bryan started with reusing some LED tape that he had from a previous design. Then he purchased 2-foot buckets and painted the inside white, then the outside black. He then installed a bulb housing inside the bucket along with the LED tape. He suspended the buckets with steel cable from a truss grid that he already had. Each one of the buckets could be individually controlled with the LED tape, as well as the Edison bulb which was controlled through a dimmer pack. The entire project costed somewhere around $800 for the new materials.

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One response to “In the Darkness, Light”

  1. On these buckets, do you mean 2 feet wide or tall? Also, they look metal but I can’t tell for sure because of the paint. Please confirm.

    Thank you!

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