Easter Designs

Throwback: Sunburst Cross

Chris Willard from Crossview Covenant Church in North Mankato, Minnesota brings us this cross backed by sun rays. (Originally posted June 2012)

They built the sides of the cross using 2″ rigid polystyrene overlapping in a faceted style. They rigged it from their pipe-grid. They cut the face panels from 4×8′ sheets of cellular greenhouse panels. They left the white plastic facing the back of the panels so they were more opaque and could be lit from behind.

They used sail cloth from Rosebrand and connected it to a vertical pipe right behind the cross (the pipe also held the LED lights). They threw a general wash of color with LED’s on the fabric and front-lit them with Mac 550 lights with a complimentary color and a gobo to add texture.

In the Darkness, Light Throwback: Siding and Crosses