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Throwback: Siding and Crosses

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this great use of a cross and metal siding. (Originally posted October 2014)

The panels were simply metal siding originally bought from Lowes, which they faux painted rust onto. The panels were hung from the upstage grid using aircraft cable. They down lit the top panel from the grid and uplit the bottom two from the floor via Chauvet Rain 56’s.

On each side of the panels, they stood a vertical piece of truss mounted to rented base plates—six pieces of truss in all. They mounted a Studio Spot (moving light) at the top of each truss that they ratchet strapped to the top of each truss. They also mounted a Martin Mac 250 to the front of each truss.
The remaining moving lights were hung off a 40’ section of truss that was hung in front of the proscenium, along with several gelled pars.

They added the cross to the set for Easter.


Throwback: Sunburst Cross Light in Natural Light

One response to “Throwback: Siding and Crosses”

  1. Hayden says:

    could you tell me how the cross was put together?

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