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In the Ring

Philip Glenn from New Birth Ministry Center in Louisville, KY brings us this pugnacious design. (I took Latin in high school.)

Their pastor wanted a boxing ring to be able to teach from. They were able to create the boxing ring by taking some PVC/sand/wood to create the “poles” for the ring. The ring was made of think string with PVC insulation foam and colored duck tape wrapped around it. The floor was a blue tarp. Total cost for project was about $150.

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3 responses to “In the Ring”

  1. Lisa Schulenburg says:

    I see what you used, but can you explain how you made the poles please?

  2. David Walker says:

    This is how we built the stands;
    1. Cut PVC into 4ft sections
    2. Drill holes for eyebolts to run a rope thru.
    3. Install eyebolts for ropes.
    4.Create a stand by cutting a piece of plywood 2ft x 2ft square with a 2×4 screwed in center standing vertically to slide PVC over.
    5.Slide PVC over 2×4 then run screws thru PVC into 2×4 to keep pipe attached to stand.
    6.Caulk bottom with silicone
    7. Paint
    8. Fill PVC pipe with sand to add weight.
    9. Cap off PVC with approiate plumbing test cap.

    Ropes where made with a plain white 1/2″ rope then covered with insulated foam pipes covers.
    Then we wrapped the insulated foam with colored duct tape to create red, white,and blue ropes.
    The floor of the ring was created by using a blue tarp.

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