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Moving Picture Frames

Jon Williams from Renewal Christian Centre in Birmingham, England brings us this quadruple screened design.

They were inspired by Splitscreen Happiness and had very little budget for this design.

They built their screens with some leftover wood (recently been taken from their activity centrer’s roof) and some cheap bedsheets from a local supermarket. This came to £20 (less than $35) plus the cost of some hooks and string to hang them up.

The screens were 1.2m x 2m.

They ran their graphics from a Mac using ProPresenter 5. They masked out the screens in ProPresenter…though they’re planning to go to a TripleHead2Go in the future.

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14 responses to “Moving Picture Frames”

  1. Joel says:

    I think it is fitting that on May 4th (Star wars day) jon williams is involved on this post! Since he wrote a great score for a fantastic movie! and now an awesome stage set up ;-) coincidence i think not.

    Love the stage idea going to use that for my next retreat!! thanks!

  2. Kendra says:

    A group from our church was just talking tonight about creating our own screens in the same manner. We will be meeting in a funeral home for the summer (keep your snickers to yourself!:]) and I’m not sure where we could do the projector from. Is it on the ceiling for this?

    Is it possible to resell ProPresenter or is that a copyright issue? Would you be interested in selling when you switch over? We’re a church plant on a small budget but I think ProPresenter would up our capabilities as we are currently using Exalt.

    • Jon Williams says:

      Yeah, we’ve got two projectors on the roof that are usually edge-blended to give us one double-wide image. It would work off the floor or a table too, but you might need a bit more distance depending upon the projectors you have.

      As for ProPresenter, we’ve only just made the switch. As far as I know, the license only covers one location. It is great software, so I’d definitely recommend it. You can download a 2 week trial from their website, so maybe you could try it for that event?

    • Rodrigo says:

      I’m a new to this stuff. I really like to idea
      projecting the images, but don’t know where to
      begin. Any resources (websites) you could share
      that would help? Thanks!

      • Jon Williams says:

        There are quite a few websites that do motions/images! Some of the ones I’ve used:

    • Jon Williams says:

      If not, you should be able to make a ‘mask’ in PowerPoint by drawing some black boxes over the top of your video/images. ProPresenter makes it much easier though!

  3. David Hopewell says:

    Interesting site. Be interested to hear from Jon Williams at Birmingham as our church facing similar issues of conversion of building on small budget.

    • Jon Williams says:

      Hi David, there are lots of people on this site that will know far more than me – but I’m happy to help if I can! You could leave a comment on the community page to get some input from other designers.

  4. Kendra says:

    By the way, I have found that most hotels are throwing out sheets and tablecloths that are stained or worn and will give them away free. We use them for screens, painting backdrops, all kinds of things. And their FREE!

  5. DONNIE says:

    About how much did the supplies cost?

    • Jon Williams says:

      The bedsheets came to a total of £20, and we had some spare hooks and string from other projects. Surprisingly effective!

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