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Cross Grunge

Grant Gunnink from Valleyview in Calgary, Alberta Canada brings us this great rendition of Texturesized.

Instead of painting the whole landscape fabric white, Grant opted to paint the cross on them. To keep the paint from soaking onto their sanctuary floor, he used white plastic table runners under the landscape fabric. He liked the look so much that he used them behind the hung landscape fabric. Plus, the paint, soaking through the landscape fabric, created a cool “Shroud of Turin” effect on the table runners – leaving a faint image of the cross on them.

On Easter Sunday, the pulled the black cloth to the side to reveal the white crosses.

The grids in the center were simply garden trellises from their local nursery. They stapled the plastic table runner behind it and trimmed it. (Cool, inexpensive shoji screen!)

Pillar and Flow Moving Picture Frames

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  1. Marcus Tankard says:

    what are the little blue square things called?

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