Easter Designs

Pillar and Flow

Diane Chesnutt at Saint James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL brings us this great use of columns and flowy fabric.

They created this design by using 5 architectural columns (two 10′ borrowed and three 12′ donated to church).

They also use:

  • Poly Silk Fabric
  • Griff Clips
  • Ferns – borrowed from a nursery
  • A cross that is normally in worship center
  • Lights

They draped the poly silk fabric between the columns and hung some behind the cross. The fabric behind the cross was randomly gathered using griff clips to add texture and dimension. 10-12 ferns were used on the stage.

All supplies were items they had purchased for other sets. The whole thing took about 4 hours to set up.

Dot Lights Cross Grunge

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