Stage Designs

Industrial Yard

Micah and Laura Reed from Christian Life Fellowship in Mayville, WI brings us this junkyard looking stage design.

They did a industrial stage set made of roofing materials from Menards. They used metal sheeting that was corrugated and clear corrugated roof supplies. They are sold in 8ft sheets. They also used wire in 8ft sheets and silver vinyl matting. They attached the sheets to the wood pallets with fishing line and thick clear line that holds up to 20 lbs. The wood pallets were held together by furring strips, hot glue, and nails. They stacked two pallets on top of each other and added the furring strips. Then they made L braces to hold them up. Lastly they used LED lights to add the color. The total cost was $150 without the lights.

Neon Tubes LED Frames

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