Stage Designs

Neon Tubes

Greg Culbertson from Gethsemane Church in Evansville, IN brings us this cool PVC stage design.

  • 88 – 10′ 1/2″ PVC pipe. ( 3/4″ would work a little better in a larger room.)
  • 2×4’s painted black… repurposed from previous set. Metal 2×4’s painted black would be ideal because they don’t warp. Either will be fine.
  • Velcro 1 or 2″ will work. 50 feet was needed for their project.

All of these materials cost under $200.00

They applied the rough Velcro to the 2×4 structure — 2 12′ sections 4 ft apart running parallel to the ground. Next they cut 2′ off  the PVC pipes with a chop saw. Slow and steady works best or it will shatter. They took half of the pipes and applied the fuzzy side of the Velcro 2 ft from top and the other half 1′ from the top, then they put the other piece about 4′ from the other piece. They used a 1″x2″ board for spacing.

Thanks Joseph Lagenour, Jeff Wilson and Dusty Kruger for making it happen.

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